Before You Watch

In this video you'll be introduced to some of the basic concepts of statistics, in particular random variables, variation and sampling. It doesn’t build on ideas discussed in any of the previous videos, so feel free to watch this one straight away.

The Video

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Now What?

Now you should be familiar with the fundamental ideas involved in statistics. You can continue to develop your knowledge of statistics through the Other Links below.

Alternatively, you could explore some of the other videos available, such as Introduction to Algebra or Introduction to Calculus.

But When I am Going to Use This

Statistics is essential in the study of systems of situations where there is an unpredictable random element. This includes a huge number of situations, such as any system that involves living things, which always have a degree of unpredictability. In fact, any studies that involve people involve statistics: for example, medical processes, education and economics. Other areas statistics can be applied to include quality control, stars, nature, or how wear and tear affects machinery.

Other Links

Maths is Fun provides an index of a range of topics covering probability and statistics. Select the 'Probability and Statistics Index' at the top of the page, then choose the area you wish to explore.

The Khan Academy has a comprehensive set of video tutorials covering a large range of mathematical and other concepts, as well as questions to test your knowledge. This content provides a good explanation of how probability and statistics are linked, and allows you to investigate more complex statistical concepts.