Before You Watch

This video introduces algebra. It explains what algebra is, and reinforces how we can manipulate and rearrange algebraic equations around the equals sign. It's a good idea to watch this video before viewing the other algebra videos.

This video uses the 4-step problem-solving method we covered in Introduction to Problem-Solving. So, if you haven't watched that video yet, start there, then come back.

The Video

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Some Practice Questions


Now What?

This video is the launching pad for the entire subject of algebra. Now you can move on, further developing your skills and learning different ways of manipulating algebraic equations. For instance, you can discover how indices or fractions work with algebra, or look at one of the most popular algebraic equation types, the linear equation.

But When I am Going to Use This

Algebra is one of the foundation areas of mathematics. It is essential for any study in science, mathematics, engineering and many other fields. You will find yourself using it consistently at university and beyond.

Other Links

Maths Is Fun has some great content that illustrates the set of scales analogy for the equals sign. It also covers how to add and subtract, and how to multiply and divide, from both sides of the equals sign.

The Khan Academy has a comprehensive set of video tutorials covering a large range of mathematical and other concepts, as well as questions to test your knowledge. This link takes you to a chapter that covers introduction to algebra, as well as explaining the importance of doing the same thing to both sides of the equals sign.